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Market leading USB-C portfolio supports USB Power Delivery 3.0.

Since 2002, Cypress’s USB hub controllers have been playing an important part in proliferating USB products.Cypress has built on this experience to bring you the highly interoperable HX3 family of...

随着持续不断的创新与技术进步,业界越来越需要更快的数据传输速度。USB 应用者论坛(USB Implementers forum)旨在提供一个统一的标准来解决此问题,即在 年 11 月推出 SuperSpeed...

USB continues to gain traction as the connectivity standard of choice, driving the need for expanding the number of USB ports in a system.Cypress offers a broad range of full-speed and high-speed...

USB HSP   Ever since its conception in 2000, High-Speed USB has been one of the most popular ways for connecting various computer peripherals....

Cypress offers the most comprehensive USB Full-Speed product portfolio encompassing fully integrated USB controllers, low cost USB microcontrollers, and seamless USB to UART Bridge solution.

Cypress's Low Speed USB Peripheral family offers a broad range of devices that support applications requiring a 1.5 Mbps bandwidth

West Bridge® 系列为嵌入式应用带来革命性的架构增强功能。West Bridge 系列外设控制器可用作嵌入式中央处理器 (CPU) 的同伴芯片,以将其从数据密集型操作中释放出来。...

Cypress’s host controllers bring the versatility of USB to your design.通过单角色和双角色主机/外设控制器,您设计中的 USB端口现在可同时具有设备和主机功能。

Cypress introduces TX2UL, the world’s smallest USB 2.0 ULPI transceiver.TX2UL is suitable for use in any application that already has a USB controller but requires a ULPI transceiver. 

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