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Whether you need high-density, high-speed optical interconnects for wired networking solutions, or are working on applications that require reliable data transmission in high electrical isolation and EMI immunity environments, Broadcom can deliver a wide range of fiber optic transceiver, transmitter and receiver module and single-mode optical component solutions based on proven laser and IC technologies.

Broadcom also offers industrial-grade fiber optic solutions that are ideal for use in noisy and unshielded environments where radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) are pervasive. 

Optical Components.  Broadcom'Indium Phosphide (InP)-based optical components enable applications in the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), mobile broadband internet access, high performance computing, datacenter and enterprise networking, metro and long-haul data communications markets.

A unique set of optical device integration and manufacturing capabilities enable both hybrid integration using different elements in a single package, and monolithic integration on a single chip.

这些工业收发器、发射器和接收器设计用于在需要可靠数据传输的应用环境中运行,这些应用需要最高的电源隔离和 EMI 抗扰性。

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拥有多种包装选项采用专有磷化铟 (InP) 光纤芯片和包装技术的专门激光、检测器、发射器和调节器。

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